Travel Tips : 10 Tips To Create A Fun, Distraction-free Family Vacation

Travel Tips : 10 Tips To Create A Fun, Distraction-free Family Vacation

Al of the snow in the DC area has started me dreaming of spring and Spring Break. We are, ironically enough, going to WI in April. Where you going for Spring Break?

Whether it is a cold or sunny spot, learn from our most recent trip driving from Virginia to Florida (18 hours total drive time spread out over 2 days)

  1. Pack a ton of toddler/child friendly snacks. This means juiceboxes, milk cartons, goldfish crackers, a case of water for the adults, granola bars and dried fruit.
  1. Don’t make your car a drivable restaurant. Stop for meals whether it is at a diner off the highway or cooler-stored sandwiches.
  1. Play lots of car games. We found one that you can easily make yourself – a deck of cards/flashcards with something that you typically see on the highway like cement truck, car carrier, etc. Give each item a different point value with more unique things (like a yellow car) worth more points.
  1. Try to do the bulk of driving at night or during nap times. We are lucky enough to have 2 kids under the age of 3, so we traveled a ton of mileage scream/whine free from 7:30pm – 11pm.
  1. Put together a new CD compilation/iPod playlist of the kids (and your) songs.
  1. Make a one suitcase per person rule. For the toddler set, a backpack that can fit a good amt of her/his toys is fine.
  1. Plan outings for everyone. Your history-loving husband will love a museum, help your toddler burn some energy by stopping at a local park with the soccer ball you packed and the 2 year old will be wild about a waterpark.
  1. Don’t overplan everything! Sure, you may want to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine..but you did not expect it that another activity took longer than expected. Roll with the punches and expect the unexpected.
  1. Slow down. Remember to enjoy the local flavor, food and each other as well as to spend quality time with the family you went to visit.

You will forget something. Try to pack light, and if it turns out to be colder than you expected, at least you have the sweatshirt to remember the trip by.

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