The Three Best Travel Days For Price

The Three Best Travel Days For Price

Most countries in the world, work on their own timetables. Saturday and Sundays may be a holiday for some countries, but for many countries, they are not holidays. Also, the religious festivals for each country are not the same. They are spread out throughout the year.

Depending on the country you are staying in, we can deduce the best travel days for the week or for the year.

Some countries have Friday and Saturday as the weekend.  In some Asian countries, only Sunday is a holiday. So the best days for travel may vary accordingly.

In the majority of the countries, however, Saturday and Sunday are holidays. Again, the days that are best travel days for business folk may not be the best travel days for holiday travelers or vacationers.

Do the math

Let us go through the reasons on which day of the weeks are considered the best for travel.

If you can look at the earth from a space station and see the people traveling around the world, you can see that most of the travelers are alone, going from place to place on business. They make up the majority that boosts the economy of most countries. As the world gets more and more linked by telecommunications and satellite equipment, people make split decisions to travel, find a good bargain by searching on the net and in a few hours, can be on a plane traveling at thousands of miles per second!

However, such impromptu flights are rare. It is more conceivable that companies decide on the necessity of business trips ahead of time and the employees leave their cities or countries so that they can be on site for the first day or work in the week, which is usually a MONDAY!

If a business person is traveling to a domestic (in the same country) situation, we can assume that they leave on Sunday morning or evening to reach the destination by Sunday night. After a night of rejuvenating sleep, they can get dressed Monday morning and be at the customer site well dressed and ready for work.

However, the business people who travel to foreign destinations may require some time to get over the jet lag experience. They may leave on Saturday to reach the city on Sunday. This means that Saturdays may also be worthsnably busy. And yet, there is a possibility that they may not be as busy as Sundays.

After a few days’ worth of work, the same business traveler will return by Thursday or Friday to be back home on the weekend and ready to get back to work by the next Monday.

In some airports, they actually tax most people passing through the trans on Saturdays an Sundays! This weekend charge is usually added to the tickets as additional airport fees.

To summarize:

As we can see to, the weekend’s matter a lot, whether its Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday combinations, business people tend travel around those two important days. So we can be assured that Sunday is a very busy day indeed fwork-related

What about the days between Monday and Friday? As most people want to get to the destination for work-related activities, people can still travel on Mondays to get to local cities in domestic areas. Although international flights may not be full, internal flights still have a possibility of happening. So Airlines add more flights on Monday mornings to keep the business travelers and commuters (business travelers who live in one city and work in another) happy.

On Friday, as we have seen, many commuters are returning home and so Friday nights are all knows for bumping incidents and passenger ire! Some passengers return earlier on Thursday, and so that day is also quite busy at airports.

Since airport traffic is defined by the business travelers as we have seen, we can rule the day before the weekend, the two days of the weekend (for the majority of the Western world and the day after the weekend to be too

buy for airports to offer any breathtaking bargains to average best-price hunting maniacs like us J


So that leaves us Tuesday and Wednesday as the days when most of the business world is busy doing some work or another in some city or another, working to solve problems, create products or sell something or another!

Have you tried to book a ticket on the websites? If you can go on Tuesday and return on Wednesday, you can get the best deals in the world! They really need travelers on their empty planes and they will treat you royally if you travel on those days. However, recently, I have noticed that airlines are getting smarter! They assign smaller planes on these days so that they can save on fuel, cleaning charges, etc. Darn!

Wait, there is more good news!

What happens when air power come empty?

The auto rental agencies that would normally ask us an arm and a leg to drive off an auto, now welcome us with smiles of kindness and cups of coffee. The car lots are full and they will not see any more reductions until Friday when the families of vacationers may come into town for a weekend of fun!

So on Tuesday and Wednesday, we are almost assured that the airports are empty, car rental charges are appropriately discounted and hotel accommodations are also ,similarly cut down. What more can we ask for?

So by virtue of our deductive powers (thanks Sherlock Holmes!) we have come to the conclusion that Traveled Thursday are the best days to travmid-week bargain!

There is one more day that could be okay for travel. This day may not be as perfect as mid-week deals, but it could be better than Friday, Sunday or Monday! Have you guessed it already?

Thursday or Saturday, right? Oops, that gives us two days. Oh well, the jury is still out on those days. Sometimes Thursdays may get you good deals and at other times, Saturdays may give you better deals. It all depends on when you will return. Hopefully, you can return on any of the magic days of Tuesday, Wednesday.

So you can see how this works. Of course, all rules are assumptions are null when you have a three day weekend or a holiday season or even a sports event in the mix. Oh well, I guess this means we should never try to predict what people will do!

Whichever day you decide to start your voyage or return home, Bon Voyage!

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