The Ideal Season For Last Minute Travelers

The Ideal Season For Last Minute Travelers

Summer season is the best for travel. The skies are blue, the beach is enticing us with its warm waters and all outdoor activities seem to offer so much promise. Most families in the world wait until summer to go on their yearly vacation. And of course, that is also the time when schools are out and kids, teenagers, older students, etc. are trying to get away for a relaxing time hoping to erase the memories of crowded, classrooms, teachers and exams from their minds!

As expected, summer is the peak season for travel! Most planes are booked full far ahead of time, some hotels are booked a year ahead!) and even cars may be scarce when we try to rent one.

Most people are out and about in summer season spending like there is no tomorrow and everyone involved with the travel industry rejoice in the jangle of the coins dropping into their coffers. There are waiting lists for airlines, hotel rooms and auto rental places as well as bed and breakfast inns, entertainment places and popular restaurants.

In stark contrast to this happy picture is the other end of the spectrum when the crying of babies, the joyful yells of kids at the beach and the loud blaring music from the teenagers’ boom boxes are eerily silent. The hotels stand empty, planes run half full and cars are waiting in rows at the rental agency for the rare and brave traveler who dares to set out when the weather is not very cooperative!

As we can guess, it’s the off peak season when travelers can get amazing deals just to get to their destinations and utilize the many comforts at fabulous vacation spots that are eagerly waiting for the sight of accidental tourists.

Hunting for last minute deals is almost like winning a lottery when it comes to off peak season. Whether its searching online at or or , last minute travelers can find thousands of deals to choose from for any destination they choose so long as its off-peak season for that destination or country.

When you book a vacation for off-peak season, make sure you check out all the airline websites for the airlines in your region. Most of the time, the airlines themselves have awesome package offers at their sites, enticing travelers to try Christmas in Belgium or New Year in the Artic Circle (ok, just kidding).

Seriously, keep a lookout at all sites for the best available package deal to your desired destination. As we all know, package deals give us the MOST discount when booking a vacation.

Remember, the world has two hemispheres. When its off peak in the northern part of the earth, it is usually peak season in the southern hemisphere and vice versa. Isn’t that wonderful? We can always find last minute deals to travel around the world.

So how do we know what the off-peak season is for a country? Here are some of suggestions for off-peak travel:

Asia – Most countries in Asia that are located near the equator has even temperatures around the year. Watch out for the monsoon or rainy season which usually occurs June – November. However, Dec – May is the Peak season in most of these countries, when the tourists flock around water holes.

Australia and New Zealand – The low season in the southern hemisphere begins mid-April when fall season begins until end of August when spring season begins. If you book travel early in the off peak season or towards the end of the summer such as August-September, you may be able to get reasonably good deals.

The Caribbean – Hurricanes are a common occurrence in the Atlantic Ocean in summer. Tourists who have never been in a hurricane, but have seen the vicious effects of the storm as it passes over land, will never want to be around when such an event occurs. However, with the latest technology, it is easier to predict when a hurricane will hit. This helps the authorities evacuate the residents or tourists before the storm hits land.

Travelers who are smart enough to take travel insurance do not have to worry if they are caught by surprise. Usually, Atlantic hurricanes offer enough warning for most tourists to cancel their itineraries well before the deadlines.  In August or September when it’s the height of hurricane season, the prices of the hotels and packages with airfare go down considerably.

The USA – This country has a lot to offer in any season. In summer, even the southern states such as Florida and Georgia offer water based activities, hiking etc and in winter, the temperatures in these states as well as in the West Coast states of California, etc do not get below 50 degrees. Ice and Snow are rare in these states and travel is very enjoyable in southern parts of the USA.

Europe – Most of Europe is very reasonable between November – April. The peak season starts in May and continues through fall in Sept – October. There are many activities that you can take part in even during the winter months of December, March and April. Many of the areas in the Mediterranean countries are cooler but still enjoyable in off peak season.

Staying away from the maddening crowds and being on our own may be the best way to see many countries of the world. Not only are the vacation spots relatively less crowded, the ways to get there are also available at deep discounts! So why not enjoy some time off the beaten path?

Bon Voyage!

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