How To Save Money When Parking At The Airport

How To Save Money When Parking At The Airport

Business travelers do not have to worry about parking fees as much as the individual passenger going on a vacation. Everywhere airports charge highly exorbitant fees to the traveling public as a means to increase their daily revenue. To beat the system, just be aware that there are many options for parking in the expensive Zone! On some days, it’s easy to get to the economy parking lot at the airport and find a good parking spot. On busy days such as Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, finding a parking spot near the airport may be very frustrating. It may be better to use the neighborhood parking facilities that are not owned by the airport. The farther the parking lot is situated from the airport, the cheaper it will be.

Refuse to Park

If you are at the airport to pick up a friend and if you both know the outside location where you can meet ( outside the baggage claim area, for instance) you can try to estimate the time when s/he will be at that location. ( allott enough time for them to get off the plane, walk to the baggage claim, pick up any luggage and then come outside the terminal). If this is something you do often, we usually get pretty good at it. With everyone using mobile phones, it’s an easy thing to do. You won’t even have to get out of the car into the airport melee.

Catch a train

In most well-designed cities, the mass transit system (usually a train or tram) will go directly to the airport. Why use a car when you can easily take your luggage and yourself right into the airport for a couple of dollars. There needs to be someone waiting for you when you get back to the train station on the return trip. Or, if you have very little luggage, take the bus home.

Hotel Shuttles

If you are staying at a hotel, you can get rid of your car and ask the hotel to arrange a seat for you on their shuttle to the airport. Usually, these vans carry multiple passengers and you will benefit from the group prices. Also, most of these shuttles drop you off at the check-in terminal so that you can save time and money by using these airport shuttles.

City Shuttles

These are transportation companies not associated with a hotel or the airport. They just operate the business of transporting people from the airport and to the airport sometimes from far away cities. Googling “city airport shuttle” will give you many choices.

Travel in style

Some airports have taxi and limousine services that can be used by groups to lower the prices of transportation. Limos hold more passengers and the ride is pretty smooth too, so it will certainly help passengers get to the airport and back home in style. Call limo rentals and ask them for the rates. Get together a group to share the ride.

Let the company pay

If you are on a business trip or own a business, you can charge your parking also on your company expense credit cards. If you do not have a company credit card, you can request the company to reimburse you for the car parking fees. Most companies will allow you to add the miles driven (both directions) to your expenses and also add the fuel costs to the mileage if allowed.

Shoot for the hip

Go lower. Look for economy parking lots that are priced by the day or the week instead of paying hourly. Many of the airports have several parking lots. The easier it is to access, the more expensive it will be. There may be shuttles to the farthest airports parking lots. So get a map of the airport and check out the parking areas. Most airports have websites and it’s easy to find out where the parking facilities are and how much they cost.

Airport neighborhood parking

Parking lots are one of the businesses have sprung up around airports. Many of these are just empty lots with an attendant and a shuttle bus. If you use these parking lots, always remember to note down your vehicle’s coordinates (position) before you get into the shuttle which will take you to the airport. When you are back from a long vacation, the parking lot will look like a maze to you. Also, close the windows and lock the vehicles since you are not sure who will be visiting the facility when you are away.  Many of these sites offer secure reservations, 100% customer satisfaction as well as sky miles or other rewards!

As you can see, there are several options for parking at the airport and by preparing our trip early, we can find discounts and deals to ease our pain. One disadvantage of using parking facilities that are outside the airport is that you will need to add in the extra time that you will require using the shuttle from these lots to the airport. We all know how crowded the roads leading to the airport can be, so it’s a tradeoff between the amount you are willing to pay and the time you have to get to the airport.

Although the crowds near the airport may be the same whether you drive your car or ride the shuttle, you are in control in the car, but the shuttles may have to wait it out for the shuttles from the parking lot to be available for the next run. Usually, these parking places run like clockwork and we have had no problems using them. If we mention to the shuttle drivers our vehicle location, they are willing to drop us off by our vehicle. This really helps when we are returning from a tiring trip with children and lots of luggage.

Having safe, inexpensive parking for our vehicles can help us to relax and enjoy our trip even more.

Bon Voyage!

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