How to choose the right stroller for your child? Tips and tricks from experienced mum

How to choose the right stroller for your child? Tips and tricks from experienced mum

The arrival of a child is a long-awaited event for the whole family. Not surprisingly, many people start preparing for it in advance. Mothers try to take into account all the nuances in order to provide the baby with maximum comfort from the first days of life, so the choice of a stroller is of great importance. In this article, we’ve collected tips and tricks from experienced moms on how to choose the best stroller for your baby. So what the best, jogging stroller vs regular stroller?

Strollers for children are very different. They differ not only in materials, colors but also in purpose. Some strollers can only be used up to a certain age of the child, others are easily transformed as needed. Today manufacturers offer a huge selection: strollers for travel, tandem strollers (for example, for two children), strollers with three wheels, strollers with a seat in the direction of travel, and against it, and many others.

General recommendations for choosing a stroller

Whichever stroller you choose, pay attention to the following points

Model . How often do you travel, how many children do you have, what time of the year will the stroller be used most? That is, the choice of a stroller model will depend on your lifestyle and family situation. If you have children of the same age, then it makes sense to choose a tandem. If you travel frequently, then the stroller should be maneuverable and fold easily. As a rule, parents change three strollers until the child grows up, so many people prefer multifunctional models.

Carrycot or seat . Must have a hard back and a solid bottom so as not to damage the spine.

Dimensions . The size of the stroller is determined by the width of the wheels. Take the time to measure the width of the lift, doorway. Consider if the stroller will fit in the hallway. Even if the stroller can be folded, doing it several times every day is tedious and problematic. If you have a car, compare the capacity of your trunk and the size of the product when folded.

Wheels . The functionality and maneuverability of the stroller depends on their size. If the wheels are small, then the stroller is lightweight, easy to control. However, it is not suitable for winter walks, slush, uneven roads. For bad weather and “broken” roads, it is better to choose large rubber wheels. Large plastic wheels also provide excellent cross-country ability. There are also strollers with floating wheels – they rotate 180 degrees. They are very convenient to operate, the main thing is that such a stroller has a wheel lock function.

Frame or chassis . This is the device to which the wheels are attached. The chassis material provides stability and reliability of the structure in any position, while it should not weigh down the stroller. That is, it must be durable and lightweight. Most often, aluminum or shock-resistant plastic is used for these purposes.

Shock absorbers . It depends on them how smoothly the stroller will ride, and therefore how comfortable the child will be in it. Stability also depends on shock absorbers. In modern versions, plastic hinges or springs are most often used, less often belt ones, since they wear out quickly.

Braking function . The tube brake can block two wheels at once, often mothers prefer it, because it is easy to press. Another option is a brake pedal to lock each wheel. The choice depends solely on your preferences. In addition, recently, models with an upper hand brake are increasingly common: this is convenient for mothers who do not stop leading an active lifestyle with the birth of a baby, combining walks with jogging or rollerblading.

Handle . There are handles that reduce the load on the wrist. You can also choose between fixed handles and flip handles. The cross-over allows you to change the direction of movement of the stroller: the baby can go both facing the mother, and with his back to her. Finally, an important point is the ability to adjust the height of the handle. This can be especially true if relatives have a big difference in height in the family.

Additional accessories . This is a raincoat, a hood, a mosquito net, a footrest, a bag, a shopping basket, a mom’s sleeve, a play tray and other parts. They may be sold separately or may be bundled. Decide which of these you need. Also, for safety, it is desirable that the stroller has reflective elements.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to choose different stroller models.

How to choose a carrycot stroller?

The classic stroller or carrycot is the first vehicle for your little one. It is intended for babies from birth until about 6-8 months when the baby is already sitting up. Such strollers are called a cradle for a reason: the baby most often sleeps in them.

A cradle stroller should be chosen especially carefully. Remember that the child will spend a lot of time in it, so it should be as comfortable and safe as possible:

The stroller should have a comfortable, spacious and deep cradle so that the wrapped baby can easily fit in there even in winter.
The bottom of the carrycot must be firm and level! This is very important for the baby’s spine.
The materials used to cover the carrycot must be breathable. Interior materials are natural, hypoallergenic, since the child is in direct contact with them. The inner cover must be easily removable for washing. But the main requirement for external materials is ease of cleaning and protection from wind and moisture.
Take care of yourself too. To be mobile with a small child, a maneuverable stroller is not enough. It is desirable that she also have convenient accessories. For example, a bag for mom, because it is in it that you will carry nipples, bottles, napkins, toys, as well as your personal belongings. Ideally, such a bag should have a lot of pockets. When buying, check whether it is convenient for you to open it – most likely, you will often have to use it with only one hand (when holding the baby with the other). If the baby was born in autumn or winter, take care of the clutch too – it attaches to the handle and reliably protects your hands from the cold.
The hood should ideally have several positions, not just “closed” and “open”. It can be made of synthetic materials, it is easier to care for such a hood. However, the curtains on the hood can impede the flow of air.
The apron of the stroller should be good at repelling water and warm.
The color of the stroller depends on your taste. Note that bright colors fade more. As for the inside of the carrycot, it is best to choose neutral colors that will soothe the baby and a pleasant pattern that he will like.
The average price for a good cradle stroller starts at 20 thousand rubles.

How to choose the right stroller and cane stroller?
The child “moves” into a stroller when he starts to sit. It is used, as a rule, up to 3 years. Such wheelchairs are also different, but in general they differ in weight: heavy (8-12 kg), lightweight (6-9 kg) and super-light canes (3.5-6 kg).

Weight largely depends on the material from which the structure is made: the more plastic and aluminum, the lighter the stroller.

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