5 European roads to enjoy by motorcycle this summer

5 European roads to enjoy by motorcycle this summer

Are you looking for a motorcycle route not to forget? We review the five most mythical roads in Europe to travel by motorcycle, where landscapes, curves, and a lot of motorbikes environment always go hand in hand. If you’re looking for more exciting motorcycle news, read cleverwander .

Nothing like a few days of good weather to prepare luggage, take a map, draw a route, and jump to enjoy the road with our motorcycle. If you are tired of always going to the same place, and what you need are new ideas, we are going to propose a few mythical roads to enjoy the beauty of your motorcycle without having to leave Europe.

Traveling is always comforting, but as you and I know how to do it on a motorcycle, it is even more so. And of course, it is not worth any road, if you want to do it through the big door, your thing is that you use those routes that are burned in the memory of any motorcycle lover, those that have the honor of being considered some of the best roads in the world to be enjoyed on two wheels.

Surely you know more than one, or you may have even traveled one of them, and in that case, you are sure that you agree with us. It is undeniable that, whoever enjoys them ever, always returns home wanting to repeat them as soon as possible. So, if you are looking for a plan for your next motorcycle getaway, take good note of these 5 European roads where you can fully enjoy your motorcycle.

The Passo Dello Stelvio, in Italy

If you have not traveled in person, surely at least you do know someone who has done it. And if not, you already have the perfect excuse to convince a colleague and escape as soon as you have a few days off. The Stelvio Pass is possibly one of the most famous and spectacular ports in the Alps, both for motorcyclists and cycling enthusiasts. It is in northern Italy, almost bordering on the border with Switzerland, and it can be a magnificent gateway to the Alps if you arrive from Lake Como.

This mountain pass reaches 2,757 meters of altitude and is the second-highest in the Alps, but what makes it famous is its concentration of curves, up to 48 “tornanti” meander winding the road along the mountainside by drawing a unique landscape. Touring it by motorcycle becomes an unforgettable experience and, as advice, do not stop stopping at its highest point to try a good sausage.

From Oslo to North Cape, in Norway

Among the great trips that every motorcycle lover always has in mind is undoubtedly the one that leads to North Cape, on the northernmost tip of Norway. You can climb through Sweden, crossing lakes and endless roads, or through Norway, following the streets that depart from Oslo and follow the Norwegian coast around its spectacular fjords. And if you go through the Lofoten Islands, better than better.

If you are already in Norway you want to travel one of the most beautiful and peculiar roads you can ever see, do not forget to move the section of Highway 64 that connects the towns Kårvåg and Vevang, with bridges that jump from island to island under your wheels. As well as visiting Bergen to give you a salmon feast among its colorful houses.

The Amalfi Coast, in Italy

We continue in Italy, but now on its southern slope. The Amalfi Coast, which runs between Sorrento and Salermo, is another of the biggest European paradises for motorcycle lovers. A scenic route at the edge of the sea, which runs along cliffs and picturesque villages, which seems to hang in the mountains above the water. The “Strada Statale 163” is a road where you will stop every two by three to admire the beauty of its landscapes. And why not, to also get close to some of its spectacular beaches.

It is, by the way, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and if you want to complete your trip with a cultural visit, you have Pompeii a stone’s throw away, a place that will leave you as impressed as the Amalfi road itself.

The San Bernardino Pass in Switzerland

The best thing you could do is tour the Alps from end to end, but if you have to focus on an area, and the Stelvio already knows it, the San Bernardino Pass is another mythical destination to enjoy driving your motorcycle. It is in Switzerland and, to be honest, the perfect plan would be to join it with Stelvio (there we leave it).

Curves, ascents, descents, more curves and thousands of motorcycles that you will see going from one place to another in an environment of traveling companionship as you probably won’t find anywhere else. It unites the populations of Thusis and Bellinzona rising to 2,065 meters of altitude. Between rocky peaks, lakes, snowy mountains and green landscapes you will not know where to stop to take the next photo, because of course, it will be an image that you will want to take with you to remember.

The Transfăgărășan, in Romania

The Transfăgărășan road is for many the most spectacular way in Europe, and they may not lack a bit of reason. It is in Romania and links the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia. It crosses the Southern Carpathians along almost 100 km of curves and dreamlike landscapes, where it reaches an altitude of up to 2,034 meters.

If you want to be able to enjoy it thoroughly, you must go in summer, because the rest of the year it is possible that it is cut by snow. In addition to curves, you have lakes, green and rugged landscapes, waterfalls, picturesque villages, and culture for many unknown. Thus, in addition to enjoying your motorcycle on one of the most beautiful roads in the world, you can soak up the greenest and most authentic Romania.

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