10 Facebook Messenger features that few people know about

10 Facebook Messenger features that few people know about

It’s amazing how cool things can be done in a Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

1. Use the unique site of “Messenger”
The site has a predictable address – messenger.com. It is much faster and more convenient than the “Messages” tab on the main “Facebook”. So with active correspondence from the desktop or laptop, we recommend using it.

2. Correspond in the “Messenger” with friends who do not have an account on the FB
Recently, to use the “Messenger”, you do not need an account on Facebook. If it’s convenient for you to correspond precisely in this application, then you can invite even those friends who did not open the page in the social network. Phone number authorizes these social problems.

3. Pause notifications
Sometimes you want to rest from annoying messages. Sometimes it is necessary that nothing distracts from urgent work. In the “messenger” you can turn off notifications for all the interlocutors or some particularly annoying.

For all chat rooms, the notification is turned off in Settings> Notifications> Deactivate> Select the trip time

To drown the person in question, go to a chat with him, tap the name at the top of the screen> Notifications> Select time.

4. Read hidden messages
We have already told you that “Facebook” often does not notify you of messages, not from friends. On the main site, they fall into the folder “Requests for correspondence” in the messages. In the “Messenger” they can be found on the following path: Settings> People> Requests for correspondence.

5. Turn on the “Magic Photo”
Do you want to feel the magic of technology? Enable the “Magic photo” feature in the settings. She will recognize in your pictures taken on the smartphone, your friends on Facebook and offer to send them a frame.

6 Share your location
So you are much easier to find. Especially if you meet with an interlocutor in an unfamiliar place for him. The recipient gets an interactive map fragment from your location: he can zoom in / out of the map or open it in the map application to build a route.

7. There were gyps, not stickers
They are much more fun and diverse. On the talk page, touch the “More” button (three points) and select the application to search for hyphens. (We recommend starting GIPHY.) You will be transferred to “Appstore” to install the application. In it, you can search for animated pictures by keywords or by categories.

8. Look at all the photos that were shared in a particular conversation
Need to find a picture from a specific room of chat or want to nostalgize? On the talk page Stepney by the name of the interlocutor or by the name of the group. Go to “Published Photos”

9. Lock a vital group for quick access to it
Not all group chats are equally impressive and useful. Fortunately, on the “Groups” page, you can pin up your favorite correspondence companies at the top. Then they will not be lost among less critical collective chats.

10. Log out of your account in the “Messenger” on your smartphone
In the Messenger application itself, there is no way to log out of your account. Therefore, it is necessary to act bypasses. Enter the security settings on the main or mobile version of Facebook. Next: on the desktop find the item “Where did you enter”, in the mobile version – “Active sessions”. Finish the session of the Messenger.

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